Surfers Tracked
New Fans
Fan Interactions

In February, Hookit
tracked 48 surfers and their social media reach. Together they created 15.8M
fan interactions and gathered over 644K new followers.

Gabriel Medina continued to
dominate the rankings with almost 6M total fan interactions. Gabriel also
posted the most popular photo on social media which gathered over 230K
interactions in a single post. In regards to fan base growth, Medina wasn’t
able to repeat this month. Ricardo Christie took over the top spot for fan base
growth with a total audience increase of 14%.

Coco Ho continued last
month as the number one Woman’s WSL surfer for January with a total of 676K fan
interactions. In regards to fan base growth, Tatiana Weston-Webb saw the
greatest growth amongst the women with a 5.5% growth of her social media fan