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You’re the star. Prove it to your partners with data.

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Sponsorship Intelligence.

Sponsorship Analytics and Valuation Platform™

Introducing SPONTELLIGENCE, one platform to manage every aspect of your sponsorships, from start to end. Identify the right sponsorship partners. Maximize impact and value of your promotional campaigns. Strengthen your negotiations with proven value.

How do you prove value to sponsors?

You can have all the data at your fingertips to prove your worth in near real time.  The time is now to evolve your sponsorship capabilities.

How can you use this?


Need to sign new sponsors? Hookit can help. Get information on top brands that could be your highest impact sponsors along with visuals of their current sponsorship portfolio and social media activations.


Close new partners with data. Benchmark against other potential ambassadors to justify why you are the best fit for that sponsor with audience analytics, fan engagement and other compelling data.


Promote with impact. You can track what is happening with your promotions in real-time to optimize your effectiveness as an ambassador and drive more value for your partners.


Impress partners with clean and informative reports. Share impactful reports straight from the dashboard with your sponsors to blow them away with tangible data aligned specifically to their ROI and ROO goals.


Once you demonstrate your impact, renewal discussions become easy. With data to prove your worth, sponsors can easily justify renewing and increasing your contract size!

Access deeper data + tools for improvement

With Hookit’s Pro Account for Athletes & Influencers

“We are using the Hookit data to make smarter decisions about who to sponsor, what content to push, and when to push it in order to maximize the ROI of our sponsorship investments.”

Ryan Lauder, Director of Consumer Engagement, TaylorMade Golf Company

“Hookit has more than paid for itself, providing several key insights that have helped inform our Global Sports Marketing strategy.”

Ray Hilvert, VP Sports Marketing, New Balance

“Even if I had $1 million to spend, I would still have to make choices about where to put it. Having this type of data at this level really helps to make those decisions.”

Carrie Woodward, Global Partnerships Dir., Michelin

“Vans uses Hookit to capture the true value of how social works for each of our athletes and events. For the first time, Vans can measure and prove ROI on our events and athletes on social media.”

Bobby Gascon, Dir. Global Marketing / Action Sports, Vans

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VIDEO: F1 Sponsorship & Social Media Season Recap

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