Sponsorship is a unique form of marketing. Unlike advertisements, sponsorships leverage an individual or organization and all of the attention they garner. Athletes, teams, and leagues drive exposure and value for a brand via their owned social channels, but they also get talked about by peers, other teams, leagues, media and brands. This “earned” exposure often goes unmeasured.

In many cases, especially with more prominent entities, earned exposure and value can dwarf “owned” value generated for a brand partner. Top athletes, teams, & leagues drive 90%+ of their value to brands via earned exposure.

Today, brands are largely unaware of this added exposure and value, leading them to make decisions with limited data.

Introducing Earned Media Analysis from Hookit

Measure the amplification of your sponsorships by analyzing the content & exposure your partners get from media, industry, peers, influencers and other brands and the exposure & value your brand receives as a result.

With Earned Media Analysis, brands now have access to an entirely new set of data never available before across your full portfolio and NEW KPIs to measure your partners and prospects against.

  1. Earned Posts & Engagement – how much buzz & exposure your partners get from media, brands, peers, industry, teams, events, & leagues, where they are getting talked about, by who, and how that exposure trends over time
  2. Earned AAV – the value your brand gets from this exposure (on average 2x+ value from owned). For athletes and properties with larger global audiences, over 90% of their value to a brand can come from Earned exposure.

This feature and more to come reflect our continued commitment to help brands better understand and optimize their sponsorship investments. Our big news last week is only going to push this mission even further as we quickly evolve with KORE!

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“Owned”: posts, engagement, and value generated on posts BY the entity considered (in this example above, posts BY Jordan Spieth on any of his official social media accounts)

“Earned”: posts, engagement, and value generated on posts ABOUT the entity considered (in this example above, posts ABOUT Jordan Spieth including mentions @jordanSpieth, hashtags #jordanSpieth #Spieth, or keywords “Jordan Spieth”. These could come from other athletes, teams, leagues, media, or brands.)

Hookit Customers, click here to read our in-depth launch notes & how to access this data in your dashboard.