Tom Brady signing helps Tampa Bay Buccaneers to 343% engagement increase.

The National Football League’s (NFL) 2020 draft saw several of its franchises enjoy a surge in social media engagement, with the Cincinnati Bengals seeing a 412 per cent increase, according to Hookit’s chief executive and co-founder Scott Tilton.

Speaking on the latest SportsPro podcast, Tilton said the three-day event, held remotely for the first time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, helped the NFL become the US sports league with the most engagement since the lockdown.

“The NFL, far and away, saw the biggest increase and a lot of it was because of the draft,” he said. “But when you go down the list of which teams saw the biggest engagement increase, the Cincinnati Bengals saw a 412 per cent increase, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers [saw a] 343 per cent increase, so there is definitely massive increase there.”

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