Roger Breum, director of marketing at spontech specialist Hookit, delves into the company’s vast trove of social media data to select 20 brands that are receiving most growth in digital value from their various sports sponsorships.

Despite the pandemic, sports properties were still able to drive US$7.9 billion in sponsorship value for brand partners through their social media channels.

Overall, global apparel giant Nike once again dominated all brands in terms of sponsorship value received from the sports ecosystem with over US$470 million in Adjusted Ad Value (AAV). Apparel & Accessories brands combined to be the number one industry in sponsorship by value received. The top five industries (Apparel & Accessories, Financial, Automotive, Beverage, and Travel) accounted for 58 per cent of the total sponsorship value created across the entire sports ecosystem. Get the full report on The State of Sponsorship in 2020 by Hookit here.

However, the focus of this article is on the brands outside the top 50. Instead of naming the biggest brands sponsoring the biggest sports properties, we analysed which brands saw significant gains in 2020 but still aren’t at the top of the sports marketing pyramid yet. For example, gambling brands saw significant gains over 2019, with many more than doubling the number of sports properties promoting their brand and growing the value received from sports partners by over 130 per cent as a category.

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