Drawing on the expertise of rights holders, broadcasters and other creators from across the sports social media ecosystem, SportsPro’s latest Insider Series event looked to provide insight into what works in that medium. 

With much to unpack, SportsPro writers select five key takeaways from across the two days of content.  

Align your cause with the appropriate voice

Sponsors are also beginning to evaluate what makes an athlete tick before deciding which personalities to partner with. As a result, Scott Tilton, chief executive of the sponsorship analytics company Hookit, believes an athlete’s sentiment on social media is becoming just as important as their overall following.

“One of the big things we’re beginning to see on the brand front is that they are trying to find partners that are passionate about certain topics and understanding the sentiment of the actual athlete,” Tilton said. “They might be a professional tennis player, for example, but what else do they care about?

“They find likeminded partners where there is a crossover between the brand’s core value and what the athletes are passionate about. You can get very scientific now around how you align and approach your partnerships.” 

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