The Hookit Promotional Effectiveness (PE) Score was used to inform the composition of SportsPro’s 2019 50 Most Marketable Athletes list. Here’s how it works.

Hookit’s Promotional Effectiveness (PE) Score is an evolution of the Marketability Score the company created for SportsPro to inform its 2018 list of the world’s 50 most marketable athletes.

The PE Score is a composite grading system with a maximum of 100 points. It is made up of five normalised sub-scores that look at posting habits, content creation, and fan/follower engagement on promoted content.

The score aims to evaluate how effective a promoter an entity is, regardless of their follower count. It is a way to compare entities on a level playing field by examining the quality of their promoted posts, the regularity with which they are promoting, and how their promoted content performs relative to the rest of their content.

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