This Digital Media Insight was created to track the explosion in social media growth, mentions, and interactions associated with the epic UFC fight between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm. As you can see, Rousey is extremely popular on social media with 18.1 million followers combined on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, Holly Holm received a 289.1% increase in new follower growth with 1.03 million new followers from November 12th to November 17th.

The fight occurred on November 14th, and both fighters saw their social media growth increase exponentially until roughly mid-day on the 15th. Growth remained strong on the 16th, and began to level off on the 17th.

During the fight, Rousey and Holm both experienced a spike in Twitter mentions and interactions. Rousey claimed 163,902 mentions and 583,083 interactions from November 10th to November 17th. Holm received 2.5 mentions per follower, which far outpaced Rousey’s .29 mentions per follower, and totaled 64,836 mentions and 324,714 interactions during the same timespan. Overall, Holm received a lot more attention per follower, but Rousey dominated with her sheer numbers.

The top tweet mentioning Rousey was by Donald Trump, and the top tweet mentioning Holly Holm was when the UFC declared Holm the bantamweight champion of the world.


Rankings and stats based on data as of 11/17/15