Surfers Tracked
New Fans
Fan Interactions

In November, Hookit tracked 54 surfers and their social media
reach. Together they created 14.5M fan interactions and gathered 773.9K new

Once again, Gabriel Medina and Alana Blanchard top the charts
for male and female Top Fan Interactions respectively. This month Medina
occupied 8 of the top 10 photos from Instagram, while Blanchard held the other
two spots. In November, Medina’s reach grew 9% and his fan interactions reached
2.6M. Blachard’s reach grew 4.6% and generated almost 3M fan interactions.

CJ Hobgood’s fan base saw the most growth for the month, his
reach increasing 21.6%. Johanne Defay lead the females in fan growth with a
total increase of 18%.

The top surfing tweet was
actually posted by Instagram’s Twitter handle. The tweet reached over 36M fans.