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In November, Hookit tracked 130 BMX riders and their social media reach. Together they generated 7.7M fan interactions and garnered 347K new fans. Almost 60% of the new followers originated from Instagram, while 36.4% came from Facebook and only 4% from Twitter.

Taking the top spot this month, Aaron Ross gained 16K new fans and reached a total of 651K fans. Ross generated 846K total fan interactions in November. Filling out the Top 10 Total Fan Interactions are riders representing 6 different countries.

Joel Bondu’s fan base saw the greatest growth with a total increase of 20.6%.

Reigning on Instagram, Harry Main and Stevie Churchill come in the top spots for Most Popular Photos.

The top tweet mentioning a BMX rider came from skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, mentioned Brett Banasiewicz and reached over 2.5M fans.