This past Saturday was an awesome day for BMX in San Diego! Riders from all over Cali came out for the MARKIT BMX Jam at the Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark. The park was packed with riders of all ages including some big name pros including Dennis Enarson, Conner Lodes, TJ Ellis, Vince Byron, Chris Courtney, Dave Dillewaard, Heath Pinter, Gary Young, Big Daddy, and Chad Kerley.
All day long was action packed with contests including a long jump, high air, street best trick and park best trick. All the riders went crazy and threw down some impressive tricks. Ending with a bang, everyone stayed ’til sundown to watch the premier of the MARKIT Zero video at the park.
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported MARKIT and the Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark.
Long Jump- TJ Ellise
Highest Air- Vince Byron
Street Best Trick – Demarcus Paul and Big Daddy
Park Best Trick – Jason Lopez