In the first ever Skate Hookit Athlete Index, its wasn’t much of a surprise to see Tony Hawk topping the charts in social. The other interesting element is how skate continues to rule the world of action sports. The top 3 alone, Tony Hawk, Rob Dyrdek and Ryan Sheckler have over 20M total people in their social networks and generated over 2.7M social interactions just in the month of January. Their platform of choice is certainly distinct. Sheckler owns the top spot on Instagram with 527,000 interactions, Tony drives most of his interaction on Facebook with 579,000 interactions and Drydek dominates on Twitter with 121,000 interactions, which was more than double that of Tony who came in #2 on Twitter. P-Rod and and Nyjah Huston rounded out the 4th and 5th spots in both the January Athlete Index and tallies for top exposure.
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