Surfers Tracked
New Fans
Fan Interactions

In January,
Hookit tracked 48 surfers and their social media reach. Together they created 20.9M
fan interactions and gathered 982.6K new followers.

For the
second month in a row Gabriel Medina dominated the rankings with over 10M total
fan interactions. Not only did Gabriel repeat as number one in interaction but
his social media fan base also saw a growth of approximately 15%, more than any
other WSL surfer.

One surfer you
may not notice making the report this month is Alana Blanchard. Alana wasn’t
able to re-qualify for the tour and has been excluded from this report. Alana’s
absence made room for Coco Ho to become the number one Woman’s WSL surfer for
January with a total of 732K fan interactions. In regards to fan base growth,
Nikki Van Dijk saw the greatest growth amongst the women with a 10.8% growth of
her social media fan base.