Roger Breum, Hookit’s marketing head, explained that there is a large decrease in social media value for NASCAR partners during the few weekday races thus far. Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, races (all on the weekend) averaged $960,000 in value generated for brands. When NASCAR returned, weekend races generated an average of $850,000 and weekday races generated an average of $520,000, a 39% decrease.

“People have a number of hours to watch NASCAR on weekends and engage with it,” Breum said. “We did the day before the race, the day of, as well as the day after. It gives people more time to engage with the teams.

“Many people are still working from home. But people aren’t taking the time to focus on what’s happening. It clearly shows the engagement is much lower for those races.”

Additionally, weekday races have seen less promotion of brand partners, down 21% compared to weekend races. That comes with 47% of social media posts featuring some type of brand promotion, whether it’s a team sponsor, a NASCAR partner or a driver’s personal sponsor. This data does not include the value sponsors generate from television coverage, which FOX Sports’ Michael Mulvihill said has seen an increase said the sport’s return.

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