How do you justify increasing spend in this economic environment?

Because it’s working.

How do you know?

We’ve become a wildly metrics-driven company, and we see that we’re crushing our ROAS goals. We’re fortunate to have a product that resonates right now, that’s useful to people sitting at home working or studying or trapped with their roommates. They need to block out the noise.

What does it mean to be wildly metrics-driven?

We didn’t start out that way. It’s been part of a big evolution. Now, if we want to do something like branded content, we have to prove a connection back to sales. Marketing gets accused of being fluffy and sometimes disconnected from the metrics, but I’ve been trained to operate with a more general management mindset.

You have to constantly defend the spend. We work with a partner called Hookit, for example, to measure everything we’re doing in social media. They track our social media accounts so we can compare engagement across platforms on an apples-to-apples basis.

We also measure ourselves against the big brands. Although we have fewer followers, we have better engagement. Follower count is a passive metric, engagement is active. Our average interactions, for example, are double and even triple some of our much larger competitors.

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