It’s that time of year again… for everyone to read up, get your profile styled, your Hookit Score dialed and start applying to brands for 2016 support. Use this quick article to get prepared.

1. Learn About Support and Sponsorship

If you’re new to sponsorship or just want a refresher to get the best support possible, check out these articles:

  • Sponsorship 101 for Athletes
  • What Companies Want from You
  • Ricky Carmichael’s Advice to the Next Generation of Pros
  • How I Got Started: Justin Barcia’s Advice for the Next Generation of Riders
  • I’m Sponsored, Now What

2. Update Your Profile

The all-new Hookit athlete profile is the most powerful yet, with everything a brand will want to see in an easy to use format. It’s easy to update and customize, so follow this quick checklist before you send out any apps.

  1. Make sure your headshot is solid
  2. Add a Custom Cover to set yourself apart
  3. Connect Your Social Accounts – pull your photos, videos & updates in automatically
  4. Double Check Your Results – we probably imported some for you, but make sure they’re correct. If there are any missing, just add them yourself.

3. Get Your Hookit Score Dialed

New for this year, the Hookit Score measures your commitment, performance and reach to help you prove your value to brands, earn recognition and see how you stack up. Follow these steps to make sure your Hookit Score is where it should be:

Commitment is based on how long you’ve been riding and how often you ride, so post your past year of rides. Verified rides posted from your phone at the track or trail will get you more points. Bonus points if you travel a lot to ride.
Performance is all about your results, so make sure all of your races are accounted for before you start applying. About 75% of all race results are posted by the promoter’s (and are verified which means more points), so many of your results should already be on your profile.
Reach shows how much exposure you get in social media, so connect your accounts and start racking up the likes and comments.

For more on the Hookit Score, read the full guide >

4. Ready to Start Applying?

Go to and start applying. You may qualify for support with some brands immediately based on your Hookit Score, other brands will review your application and you should receive a response within a week. Don’t forget that you’ll need to re-apply to brands for 2016 support even if you have a deal for 2015.