Sponsorship season is here! So it’s time to freshen up your profile with new photos and videos, update your competition results and start researching brands you would like to represent for the 2011 season.

We have launched the all new Sponsorship Hub to feature the best programs on Hookit.com as they open. Traditionally, sponsorship season begins as the competition season wraps up when athletes have fresh results and accomplishments heading into the off-season. Sponsorship levels and agreements vary by company, but can range anywhere from product discounts to free products and beyond (based on talent and marketability).

Always remember, sponsorship is a two-way street and brands select athletes to represent them and offer deals comparable to how much exposure you can generate for their company. Just a few of the hundreds of participating brands offering athlete support for 2011 on Hookit.com include Monster Energy, No Fear, Pro-Tec, Scott USA, Freestyle, Osiris, Oneal, Spy Optic, Rockwell, Kicker, Dunlop Tires, AXO, Fuel Clothing, Twin Air, Renthal, SixSixOne and Globe.

For a complete list, visit https://web.hookit.com/brands. 

Take a minute to look at the other tips we’ve prepared below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  1. Get Prepared: Update Your Profile & Sponsorship Info

Update your Profile – Do you have current photos, videos and information?
Competition Results – Click on the RESULTS tab of your profile and add your latest
Upload Photos – Upload current photos and organize your galleries to showcase your best shots
Upload Videos – Videos are the best way to showcase your talent. Post a current ‘Sponsor Me’ video.
Contact Info – Are your address, phone number and contact information up to date?

  1. Apply / Re-Apply for 2011 Sponsorship: Check out the Featured Programs

Search for New Opportunities on the all new Sponsorship Hub:
We just recently introduced ‘Sponsorship’ as a new item in the top navigation to provide quick access to the featured programs on Hookit.com. Each program provides a description about the opportunity, what the brand is looking for with a link to Apply. New opportunities are added every week so keep checking back for your next opportunity.

Re-Apply to Your Existing Sponsors
If you already have existing sponsors you’ve obtained through Hookit.com, there’s a good chance they will be coming up for expiration sometime between now and the end of 2010. To Re-Apply for 2011, visit your My Sponsors area, visit their profile and ‘ReApply’. If you have sponsors not obtained through Hookit.com…give them a call and let them know you would like to Apply through Hookit.com and to look for your application so you can join their program online.

  1. Promote Yourself: Updating and Promoting Your Profile

Post a link to your Hookit.com profile anywhere you can to drive exposure for yourself and your sponsors. Grab your profile link, a badge or a button at https://web.hookit.com/promote

  • The Perfect Profile

Your profile is your personal brand on Hookit.com. One of the main reasons to be active on Hookit.com is for the EXPOSURE… even if you already have your sponsorship deals covered, it’s a great way to maintain your results, connect with other riders and build your personal brand.

Below is an example of a solid profile from Ian Trettel who just recently made the transition to the pro motocross ranks. For more information on building a great profile visit The Importance of Your Profile.

  1. Learn More About Sponsorship: Read the Articles to Make the Most of Hookit.com

Promote Yourself & Your Sponsors

Grab digital stickers and badges to distribute across your social web.

What Companies Want

Learn straight from the companies what they want and expect from you.

I’m Sponsored, Now What?

Learn the ins and outs of being sponsored and what’s expected of you…

  • Other Programs on Hookit.com to Check Out

Loretta Lynn’s Rider Directory – The most prestigious race in amateur motocross just wrapped up in early August – the 2010 AMA Amateur National Championships in Tennessee. With nearly 70% of the qualifying riders being Hookit.com members, we set up the rider directory to give members a way to learn more about the fastest riders in the country and for brands to instantly invite the riders into their sponsorship programs. Check it out at prod.hookit.com/lorettalynns.

FUEL TV Unsponsored – FUEL TV and Hookit.com teamed up to launch an online community for aspiring amateur athletes in skate, surf, snow, motocross, BMX and wake. The community provides these aspiring athletes their potential 2 minutes of fame – and some serious exposure – on FUEL TV, which is now broadcast in 30 million homes nationwide. In order to be eligible, any ‘Unsponsored’ athlete must submit their video online at http://unsponsored.hookit.com.