Here at, we keep stressing that sponsorship is all about PROFESSIONALISM, EXPOSURE, ATTITUDE and RESULTS for most brands. Don’t just take our word for it. We asked some of the companies what they look for in athletes and teams and here’s what they said…

Scott USA

“We look for riders that can offer the complete package and promote Scott professionally. Being at the top of the podium is definitely a bonus, but unless that rider can promote themselves professionally and project a positive image of themselves and their sponsors we see little value in that sponsorship opportunity.”

Factory Connection
“Certainly we look at the professionalism, quality and completeness of the resume. Some Novice “C” riders do a way better job with their rider support resumes than Expert “A” riders. Factory Considers a number of factors when determining a support level for a particular rider. Ability level, results, their overall program wether it is local/national, where they are located, type of bike, IF they currently use Factory Connection. I like to see pictures.. alot can be seen or found out. I’ve seen riders claim they use our products or were actually a sponsored rider the previous year, however they did not have decals promoting our company. ”

Smith Optics
“Smith Optics will be looking for personality, behavior (on and off the track), results, and loyalty.”

Dubach Racing Development
“Good racing program, some level of results”

“I look for a combination of several things when deciding whether or not to sponsor someone. First off, the application has to be filled out completeley, and there has to be some current race results. I will also look at the photos, so make sure you have some. Maturity and work ethic are huge factors as well. Make sure your resume and info is written professionaly, and spelled right! Use complete sentences! I’m not going to sponsor some punk that approaches me with “hey man will u sponser me?” Just be professional, include lots of info, and tell me why you think MRP should sponsor you. That’s it, pretty simple. ”

Magura USA
“We look for a well spoken, down to earth athlete that believes in our products, not someone who is just out for a good deal.”

Factory Backing
“Factory Backing always looks for great performance in results along with how the rider will help our company in our investment by sponsoring them. The more info in there profile that tells us about themselves helps a great deal. ”

Fasst Company
“We look for a rider who caries him or herself in a professional manner. Race results, race plans, goals and current photos are some of the other things we look for.”

Crower Performance
“We keep an eye on consistancy and all around track behavior in the riders / teams we like to support. The bikes have to look good , the engines need to be ready and the all around program that you bring as a rider reflects on our company as we’ll so keep it clean and neat and run strong and we will be there to support you in some way or capacity! Good sportsmanship is also a bonus!”

“We look for sponsored athletes that have enthusiasm for their sport and enjoy being active in the scene where ever that maybe. We want to partner with athletes that love what they do, have fun and are out going. Winning at competitions is great but having a good attitude and being out there talking with people is better for Evomo.”

CP Pistons
“We are looking for riders who try hard, never quit and have a great attitude at the end of the day. You lead by example and we are looking for riders who believe this same basic principal. We also look at what races you travel too, your results and your education.”

WMR Competition Performance
“We are looking for a team or athlete that has a good rep at the track and just goes out there has a good time and can help pump wmr and them selves at the same time.”

“Commitment to improve!”

RB Components
“Personality, Results, Age, Attitude, Past sponsorship history.”

“We look for a positive, professional attitude, and the more results the better. Do they know how to represent? Do they fully understand the concept of why companies sponsor athletes? (Not just to put stickers on, and wear a shirt.) ”

Factory Effex
“Great attitude and dedication, someone who races frequently.”

Risk Racing
“We look for athletes who represent both themselves and Risk Racing in a positive way. We are looking for riders and teams with a true passion for the sport. We also want to see your results good or bad. We just want to know that you are out at the tracks giving your personal best.”