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Like most industries around the globe, the global football world screeched to a halt as the coronavirus spread and grew into a worldwide pandemic. By early March, major European leagues like the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, and Italian Serie A had suspended matches, and continental competitions like the Champions League and the Europa League soon followed suit. The halting of match play has created a season unlike anything we have seen before. And although leagues have inched towards reopening in recent weeks – and in the case of the German Bundesliga begun hosting games in front of empty stadiums – the effects of the pandemic will be felt around the world’s soccer leagues for at least the next year. 

Without match play, a major stream of content has been eliminated for fans. And it has forced players, teams, and leagues, as well as their promoted brands, to get more creative driving value through their social media channels. Some have excelled during this time, while others have not. Looking through the social data, we can paint a picture of how the coronavirus has influenced the global football world, as well as how brands have reacted. 


  • High Level Impact
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    • Finance
    • Automotive
    • Alcohol
    • Travel
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Gambling
    • Beverage
  • Sport Entity Performance by League
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    • Premier League
    • Bundesliga
    • Serie A
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