Total Sponsorship Value Generated (AAV): $948,102,379

# Entities Active on Social: 3,093
# Followers:  889M
# Posts (% branded): 1.3M (45% Include Brand Promotion)
# Social Interactions: 3.3B

Top Brands

BrandIndustry2020 Total AAV
Red BullBeverage $           65.8M
Monster EnergyBeverage $           46.3M
PetronasEnergy $           45.0M
Mercedes-BenzAutomotive $           43.7M
PirelliAutomotive $           31.4M

The two beverage rivals, Red Bull and Monster Energy, were able to gain the most value of all brands in motorsports by leading in the number of branded posts from the sport. However, Petronas led brands in motorsports when it comes to value per branded post, averaging $4.5k per post promoting the brand compared to Monster Energy’s $1.2k per post promoting Monster. While Petronas received nearly 80% of their value through logo exposure, brands like McLaren and Ferrari received 75% or more of their value from deliberate text promotion.

Top Drivers & Riders

Driver / RiderSportFollowersTotal AAV
Ken BlockRally15M$12.5M
Lewis HamiltonFormula 133.5M$11.1M
Dean WilsonSupercross1.2M$6.2M
Valentino RossiMotoGP28.7M$5.6M
Max VerstappenFormula 16.2M$4.4M

% of Sponsorship Value Generated by Motorsports Athletes:  20% 

While the Formula 1 series generated the majority of value across motorsports, 3 of the top 5 drivers / riders came from outside that series. While Hamilton and Rossi have the largest followings, rally driver Ken Block generated the most AAV in 2020. Dean Wilson saw the most growth in value in 2020, over doubling his AAV generated in 2019.

Top Teams

TeamSportFollowersTotal AAV
Mercedes-AMG F1Formula 121,074,121$37,770,775.29
Red Bull Racing F1Formula 118,670,751$25,170,946.57
Ferrari F1Formula 113,987,542$9,612,365.72
McLaren F1Formula 113,025,788$8,832,433.45
Renault Sport F1Formula 15,933,656$8,152,415.55

% of Sponsorship Value Generated by Motorsports Teams: 16%

While drivers and riders from different types of motorsports were able to perform very well, the teams that performed the best were all in F1. In fact, among the top 10 teams, all but 2 were F1 teams and those 2 were both leading NASCAR teams. The top MotoGP team by AAV, Movistar Yamaha MotoGP, was 11th among motorsports teams.

Top Series

SeriesFollowers2020 Total AAV
Formula 133.8M$350M
Formula E3.8M$38.3M

% of Sponsorship Value Generated by Motorsports Series:  62%

While it is still in the number 2 spot, MotoGP generated 38% less value through their social posts then the series did in 2019 and was the only one of these 5 series in motorsports that decreased in both interactions and AAV. In contrast, Formula 1 was the only league in the top 5 that was able to increase both interactions and AAV. Note: Series stats are from owned accounts by the series only and do not include teams and drivers / riders within the series.

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