Sports fans spend money on their favorite teams and their favorite brands. But how do teams and brands know which fans are the right fit for their partnership? This was one among the many questions addressed by CRO Kimberly Cook, at the NSF webinar last week. 

Sponsorships have evolved today – earlier, most sponsorships were made based on gut feel, but with the wealth of data available today, BRANDS can measure the impact of their sponsorships, and use these valuable insights to drive future sponsorship decisions. With 98% of marketers using social media to activate their sponsorships, and 42% rating social/digital presence as the 2nd most important sponsorship benefit behind category exclusivity, it is more important than ever to quantify the sponsorship value generated through social & digital media. 

On the other hand, sponsored properties such as TEAMS need to understand what makes them more valuable or desirable to a sponsor. Teams should also understand how effective their social media efforts are and whether or not they align with the brand’s mission. 

From this webinar, brands and teams can learn about: 

  • How sponsorships have evolved – from gut feel to performance and programmatic measurement
  • The rise of spontech in sponsorship 
  • How a brand can measure the effectiveness of its sponsorships
  • What are the best ways by which brands and teams can find the right fans, and the tools available to make this happen
  • Deep dive into audience metrics found on social media, and how this data can be leveraged by brands to know which potential partners will be a good fan base – target consumer fit

Listen to the entire webinar here!