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Sports have always had the innate ability to enthrall fans worldwide, providing unadulterated entertainment, and a place to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Fans in turn, invest precious resources — their money, time and attention, all in pursuit of their favorite sport, making sports a powerful and compelling medium for brands and sponsors looking for opportunities to reach these audiences. 2018 was another big year in sports sponsorship for both existing and new brand sponsors in the space. Long time sponsors reevaluated their sponsorship practices, while new/lesser known brands found plenty of opportunities to become part of the action.

Hookit’s 2018 Year In Review is built to help brand marketers understand their place within the sports sponsorship ecosystem. Included is a review of essential social media metrics as well as the Hookit Brand Score, a measure of which brands are earning the most value out of their sponsorship portfolio.

Here are some highlights of the 2018 Year in review report for brands!

Top brands by social media engagements

Adidas was the top brand by promoted social media engagements in 2018, edging out competitor Nike by 32M total engagements. With 1.1B total engagements, energy drink Red Bull rounds up the top 3 brands by promoted engagements.

Top brands by social media followers

YouTube had the highest number of followers on its social media channels (172M social media followers) in 2018. American apparel giant Nike had the second highest followers (125M) across its social media platforms, while Coca-Cola rounds up the top 3 with 116M total social media followers.

Curious to learn more about the Top brands of 2018? Download the entire 2018 Year in review report below!