Easier to customize, keep updated and rep yourself. The new profile layout gives you the best of both worlds – a structured layout so you always know where to find stuff when browsing AND totally customizable – update the background, header and color scheme to make it your own. Read on for the details on each new feature of the profile.

  1. Customization New tools to upload a background, header and customize your color theme. Add a custom page to promote anything you want – sponsors, videos, etc.
  2. Featured Photos & Video *New – Add your YouTube / Vimeo videos instantly. Choose the photos and videos you want on your main page for best exposure.
  3. Interaction Members & brands can interact with you in new ways – Follow & Message You and Prop, Comment or Share your posts.
  4. All About You Show what you’re all about – add links to your website and other social net profiles.
  5. Post Your Events Share where you’ve been and where you’ll be – Post your events (and results if you’re competing).
  6. Rep Your Favorite Brands Show everyone the brands you support and the brands that support you.
  7. Your Spots & Shops Rep your local shop and the spots you session most often.

Some Questions and Answers

Why the Change? The current profiles were designed before our featured athlete Gwinny was even competing. They slow down the site and don’t include all of our latest features that will help better promote you and connect you with brands and other members.

Will I have access to my old profile? Yes. We will provide a link for you and visitors to your profile to access for a limited time.

What can I do to make it my own? First, post some of your most recent photos & videos with the new media uploader (click on Post Something). Upload as many photos as you want and import your videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Second, add a background image – download our Photoshop Template to check the specs. If you’re a Premium member you can add a custom header graphic and a custom page to put whatever you want on.

Need help or have questions? Post a comment or check out support.hookit.com