Welcome to the all-new Hookit! Over the past few months, we’ve talked to hundreds of members — pros and amateurs from every sport — and took your feedback into account to create what we hope is the ideal website for your sport. Things might look pretty different around here but you can still do a lot of the same things you could before like posting events, sessions, photos and videos and even applying for brand support. We’ve just made it all way easier to do.

1. The Hookit Score

The biggest new feature we want to introduce is your Hookit Score. This is going to help you see where you stack up against other members and your competitors and will even help brands determine how much of a deal you’ll get from them. Here’s a rundown of how it works:

Your Hookit Score. Measures your commitment, performance and reach in your sport. It updates daily from hundreds of verified sources.

See How You Stack Up. Track, monitor and compare your Hookit Score against friends, competitors and pros.

Eearn Exposure & Deals. The higher your Hookit Score, the more recognition and athlete support you receive.

2. The New Profile

You’ll also notice that one of the big changes we’ve made is on your profile. Here are some of the new features we’ve added that we want you to take advantage of:

Customize your profile with a high-quality cover photo.

Add your event results — you can search our database of the largest events in your sport for pre-verified results or add your own

Tell everyone if you’ve been featured in the media — whether that’s a blog post on a major blog or in a magazine

Finally, check out that new navigation bar at the top. From there you can easily post sessions, photos, videos, events, results and your status update. You can also explore the site to find other athletes, brands, events or spots.

We’re stoked to share the new site and mobile app with you. If you have any feedback or problems, email us at feedback@hookit.com. We’ll continue to work hard to make Hookit the best platform for you and your sport.