We are stoked to announce the launch of the all new Athlete Program tools (formerly known as Sponsorship). With this release we have officially revamped about 90% of the entire site over the past 9 months. This is our most exciting project yet. While most of the improvements were on the brand side (which is great for members because happy brands = happy members), we have also launched a grip of new features for you guys. Read on for all the deets…

Before you start exploring:1. Update Your Sport Info
We’ve added some new info like skill level, support expectations, background and highlights that you can share with friends and brands.

2. Add & Update Your Resume(s)
Brand new with this launch is the pro format resume. To add one for one of your sports, just check the “Looking for athlete support” box.

My Programs

You now have one place to view all of your active programs (sponsorship, street team & insider), applications and offers. Brand new for this section is the ability for you to add Non-Hookit Sponsors. This has been a highly requested feature for the past few years. When viewing your applications you can also now see the average response time for each brand to give you an idea of when you’ll hear back.


We are super excited for the launch of the resume. You can now create a professional resume for all of the sports that you’re looking for athlete support in. The resume is easy to share via social nets or to email to brands that are not yet on Hookit.com. We’ll be launching a printable version very shortly. Go to your dashboard or your profile to access your resumes or learn how to add a resume

Here what’s highlighted:
– Your sport vitals including contact, competition and skill info
– Background, Highlights and Goals
– Media Exposure (like features in magazines, websites, etc.)
– Event & Series (NEW) results

Add Non-Hookit Programs

You can now add and get exposure for sponsors or other athlete support programs that you’ve obtained outside of Hookit. Add past deals so you can keep track of your history and progression throughout the years.

Add Media Exposure & Publicity

Ever get featured in a magazine, newspaper, website, radio or tv show? Now you can show it off by posting it to your resume and profile.


Badges are a brand new feature that we launched to better identify athletes that deserve a little more attention. You can earn badges simply by using the site (posting sessions, results, photos & videos)… or just by killing it in your sport. We have a limited number of Badges you can earn for this initial release, but we’ll be adding more all the time. Here’s the list:

– Pro: Pro Athlete verified by the Hookit crew.
– Top Am: A top amateur athlete verified by the Hookit crew.
– Featured: One of the hand selected few that make up the Hookit Featured member program.
– 10K: At least 10,000 profile views. Not bad.
– 25K: At least 25,000 profile views. Pretty Impressive.
– 50K: At least 50,000 profile views. Less than .1% of Hookit members have reached this.
– 100K: Profile has gotten at least 100,000 views. This is rock star level exposure.
– 10+ Wins: At least 10 event wins. Once you hit the 10 mark, 2nd place just will not do any more.
– National Competitor: Competed in Events in more than 5 states.
– US Explorer: Sessioned spots in more than 5 states.
– 2011 LL Champ: Verified championship at Loretta Lynn’s in 2011.
– 2010 LL Champ: Verified championship at Loretta Lynn’s in 2010.
– LL Qualifier: Qualified for Loretta Lynn’s in the past. One of only 1,000 or so per year.

Brand Improvements

Most of our work and improvements were done to make athlete program setup and management easier and more powerful for the brands… which is a great thing for you as a member.