We’re pleased to announce the launch of our all new Athlete Management tools (formerly known as Sponsorship). With this release we have officially revamped about 90% of the entire site over the past 9 months. This is our most exciting project yet, because it’s the core of our brand service and how our partners efficiently connect with and manage relationships with our huge audience of members on Hookit.com. Below is a summary of the new features to illustrate all the new bells and whistles around our new tools. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Before you start exploring:

1. Review Your Program
This is now where all of your targeting criteria and info about who you’re looking is updated. Make sure all of your criteria and info is correct, upload a promo graphic and customize your application.

2. Review Your Deals
Not much has changed here, but you’ll need to make sure the formatting of your intro letters and contracts look good. You can also customize the all-new Welcome Letter that is sent to athletes after they accept your offer – it’s a great spot to put coupon codes or ordering info. If you need any help, contact us.

Your Program

You now have one place to set up your program, add promotional info, set the criteria for who you’re looking for and create a custom application. Here’s the run down on your program:

– No more listings – specify all of your targeting criteria on one page while editing your program
– Specify broad criteria that applies to everyone – location, age, gender
– Specify sport specific criteria – participation and comp frequency, experience, # photos, # videos
– Customize an overview about your program and add a promotion graphic for your programs page
– Create a custom application where you specify as many questions as you want

Your Deals

Your deals are now easier to manage and update. The biggest improvement is the new Welcome Letter which you can create for each deal – it is sent to the member only after they’ve accepted your offer and is a great place for you to add special ordering instructions, access or coupon codes. Here’s what’s new:

– Specify the type of deal – sponsorship or street team / grassroots
– Deals are now editable
– Welcome letter sent after offer is accepted – can be used for deal specific info, coupon codes, etc.

Managing Your Apps and Athletes

Management of your athletes, new applications and offers has all been consolidated into one easy to use section. You can now browse, sort and search through all of your athletes (current and future) with ease. Here’s the breakdown on the huge changes to this functionality:

– 25x improvement in speed
– Sport Filter
– Keyword search
– Advanced search / sorting options
– Quickly view all athletes by deal
– Get to relevant info about each athlete quicker
– List view info includes highlights and vital info, highlights
– Quick view with highlights and application response
– Structured Resume view with all relevant information including results, career highlights, background, media coverage and more
– Badges help you identify top athletes based on certain accomplishments like exposure, big event wins, career level, etc.

Your Program Stats

Get visibility into your program by sport, region, deal and get interesting info on the exposure of the athletes in your program.