Get Started

  1. Sign into your Hookit account.
    Connect your Strava on Hookit by going to Account Settings > Connected
  2. Networks. Don’t have Strava? Sign up here.
  3. After connecting Strava, your Hookit Score will be updated later that day and reflect any improvements based on verified sessions, travel, etc.

How it Works

  • Rides are matched up to your main sport
  • Your Strava entry is matched up to the closest spot in the Hookit system for your sport
  • All Strava sessions are marked as verified
  • We pull Strava sessions every day at 5pm PST
  • Click the ‘via Strava’ link to quickly view your session details on Strava.

The Future

  • Detailed route and ride information user interface
  • As we continue to evolve this integration, we will pull entries from Strava more often and eventually in real-time