As you’ve seen we have made huge improvements to the site this year – all focused on improving how you connect with your sports and making the site faster…and we’re not done yet.
We will be taking the athlete program tools (aka Sponsorship) down this weekend (9/24 & 9/25) so we can start the launch process of the all-new, completely revamped tools.
On Monday morning we’ll take the wrapping off the new tools and give you the full run down on what’s new, but for now have a read through the answers to some common questions:

What if I have an offer that might expire while the site is down?
Don’t worry, we’ll be extending all offers by a week, so you won’t miss out on any deals.

Will I lose any information or applications?

What’s new for members?
We will post the full run down on Monday, but here are just a few of the improvements:
   –  Simpler, more straightforward application process
   –  Professionally formatted resume for each sport that brands will review and you can share by email (print format will come in a couple weeks). 
   –  Add ‘non-Hookit’ sponsors to your resume and profile
   –  Add your media exposure – magazine, website, newspaper coverage
   –  Add Series & Championship results
   –  Major Enhancements to the brand side ensure faster response times

What’s new for brands?
   –  Faster. Simpler. More flexible.
   –  Relevant information about each athlete will make the decision process easier.
   –  More stats on your program and athletes
   –  Full application customization – ask the questions that are important to you
   –  Application Management control with filtering makes it easy to get to the right athletes
   –  The new Badges feature identifies athletes that deserve your attention

– The Hookit Crew