What did you think, we’d go on vacation after the big 2.0 launch?  Sure, we celebrated, but the next day we got straight to work on our next big feature that we’ll be dropping in June.  Stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, have a look at some of the things we’ve improved over the days since you met the new Hookit:

1.   Events / Results – a lot of people (mostly those using older versions of Internet Explorer) were having issues with adding events and results. These should all be fixed now.

2.   Shopping – Just yesterday, we launched a new way for you to shop from Brands – now any brand on the site can hook you up with deals and link you to their shop.

3.   Stay Signed In – we fixed this so now when you tell us to keep you signed in, we do 

4.   Spot Search – faster and more flexible, now you can type a city/state and we’ll instantly show you spots that match

5.   Site Speed & Stability – as we do pretty much every couple days, we turned some dials, made some tweaks and improved both site speed and reliability

6.   Forgot Password Link – Forget your password?  Now the link to help you retrieve it works.

More updates and improvements coming to you weekly.

– The Hookit.com Crew