5 questions with Featured member Davis Paul…He talks about the value of using Video to highlight your skills and the process of creating the Hookit.com promo video.

My name is Davis Paul, I’m 21 years old & attending the UC Berkeley, or Cal as its better known. Hobbies involve photography, anything video wise, playing soccer (more of a job then a hobbie in College) and anything that allows a person to express their creativity! As for memember, I think I have been a member for a little over a year now, made a lot of great connections!
How did you go about making the video?
With many late nights, a lot of coffee, and many phone calls for footage!  Took a lot of emails and ideas to really bring this one from thin air into what it is today.
What advice do you have for members who want to make their own videos?
If a photo says a thousand words, and video is virtually 30 photos a second at minimum, then do the math on how many words can be said in a 2 minute video!! Nothing impresses a sponsor more than quality content. Now that I am on the team staff with Freestyle, video is the primary thing I look for in judging riders. Photos are great, but they only capture a small part of that particular trick, that persons style, and the riders full ability. Video speaks for itself, there is not hiding, but at the same time its a great tool to get better. The way a trick looks and feels is completely different, so watching yourself on video is a great way toreally progress and better yourself!!
So go out there, start like I did with a bad camera and just one friend and just take turns filming…eventually you will progress and next thing you know you will be planning film shoots with crews using dolly’s and all sorts of jib cranes and contraptions! Have to start somewhere, why not now?
What was the hardest part about making the video?
This video was a lot of fun but also super challenging at the same time. To make something that really gets people hyped first of all is not always an easy task, but to then to incorporate as many sports as possible on top of informing the viewer of key aspects of the website is a lot to achieve in a mere 90 seconds! That was probably the hardest part, tracking down
all the footage, starting virtually from scratch, and really getting all these different sports and messages to flow well with each other.
What was your inspiration behind the song choice?
O man…I just wanted something catchy, upbeat, that wasn’t too mainstream. As I listen to a lot of remixed work, mixtapes, and am always researching different artists for different projects, I just felt that this song had a little something for everyone, even that older generation
Links to some of your other work:
O man its all over, here’s a couple places to look:
http://vimeo.com/3331863 – personal favorite