Hookit Platform Provides Measurement of Athlete and Brand Engagement Through Industry’s Most Comprehensive & Exacting Analytics Engine

July 22, 2015, San Diego, CA – Hookit today announced a strategic partnership that will allow Dew Tour to utilize Hookit’s state-of-the-art data analytics and content platform throughout the 2015 Dew Tour series.

Armed with Hookit’s unique data analytics engine, Dew Tour will be able to track and measure the impact and value of its events from a consumer engagement standpoint on an ongoing basis. On a broader scale, Hookit will also track and measure the Dew Tour’s overall level of consumer engagement through its combination of live event and digital platforms, including its Dew Tour Push online content platform.

“We are excited to be working with Hookit around the Dew Tour,” said Eric Grilly, President of Alli Sports. “Hookit helps us better understand our social analytics around the property, the athletes and our partners, and in turn provides useful data which allows us to continue to grow.”

Hookit has developed the sports and entertainment industry’s most comprehensive and exacting system for projecting, measuring and tracking the consumer engagement impact and overall value of athletes and events. Hookit allows athletes, events, media entities and brands to more accurately assess and track the value and performance of their brands, events and broadcast properties, as well as specific marketing and advertising campaigns and tactics.

Hookit’s multi-faceted analytics platform takes into account a virtually unlimited array of data from the widest range of available sources. Data sources range from readily available data such as social media activity, to not-so-readily available data across the digital landscape of search engines, mobile apps, video sharing and even wearable technology. Moreover, the platform is customizable and scalable allowing users to focus on specific areas that are of relevance or value to their strategic needs.

Through the partnership, Hookit will help power the ‘Social Scene’ section of www.DewTour.com. Additionally, Hookit will produce an ongoing customized report that analyzes how the Dew Tour is performing across a wide range of categories, including but not limited to digital content engagement and sharing dynamics, athlete/fan engagement, and live events.

“We believe our platform is truly a game-changer for sports and entertainment organizations. Partnerships like this one will be critical to entrenching us as the gold standard in data analytics, projecting and tracking value and performance in the most tangible and quantifiable manner, said Scott Tilton, CEO for Hookit. “In an industry where guessing wrong can cost you millions of dollars, the old cliché holds true – the numbers don’t lie.”

For more information regarding Hookit visit prod.hookit.com.

About Hookit:
Based in San Diego, CA., Hookit offers the most comprehensive and exacting data analytics platform for establishing and tracking the value of individuals/athletes, events and broadcast properties across the sports and entertainment industries. Hookit offers individuals, brands and media providers a superior platform for accurately projecting, evaluating and tracking the value and performance of sponsorships. Through its proprietary Hookit Score methodology, website and mobile app, Hookit brings brands and athletes together in mutually beneficial partnerships. For more information, visit prod.hookit.com.