Solana Beach, Calif. – May 6, 2014 – San Diego-based Hookit unveils an all-new brand identity and platform of tools and services surrounding the introduction of its revolutionary Hookit Score.

The Hookit Score is a ground-breaking evolution of the Hookit Index™, which was the first ever tool to track, quantify and rank athletes’ exposure and activity in the complex world of social media. The new Hookit Score is a 1-10,000 score and the new standard to effectively measure any athletes’ commitment, performance and reach in their respective sport.Hookit’s proprietary scoring engine tracks 15M pieces of data every day from hundreds of verified sources to track and compare athletes based on their fan base and exposure in social media, how often they do their sport, how much they travel, and their competition results at events.

For the first time ever, athletes at any level from the pros to local competitors and enthusiasts have a way to track their progression, see where they stack up against other athletes, friends and pros, and earn recognition and deals from brands and sponsors as their Hookit Score grows.

“We have always supported the most dedicated athletes with a platform that helps them earn recognition and deals to cover the increasing costs to do their sport,” said Scott Tilton Hookit CEO. “With today’s shifting digital landscape and the challenges brands face to connect with and engage with their most valuable consumers, the Hookit Score is the most effective way to discover and reward athletes who support your brand.”

Brands can effectively leverage the collective audience of their sponsored athletes’ networks to generate an authentic emotional connection that capitalizes on athlete influence and sharability. The Hookit Score also allows brands to better determine which athletes are the most engaging with their fans and who are the most marketable with the power to inspire their fans to buy the products they endorse.

With genuine social media data on athletes, the Hookit Score ensures brands can justify their ROI on the dollars spent on sponsorship, which marks the beginning of a new era in maximizing the value and influence of their professionally sponsored athletes.

The introduction of the Hookit Score allows brands to connect with the millennial athlete, and provides new opportunities for brands to better discover, manage and maximize their athletes and sports marketing programs by ranking athletes.

Brands can also access all of their sponsored, or prospective athletes’ ranking stats to better define and establish quantitative KPIs to further drive brand awareness and conversion through eCommerce if their athlete is tied to product. By tracking and ranking athletes, brands can also better activate athletes through their social platforms, effectively measure the performance and ROI, and optimize athletes by ranking their brand contribution through the actual earned media benefit the athlete is generating for the brand they represent.


About Hookit 
Hookit is a digitally connected platform of tools and services created to support and connect athletes, brands and sports. Nearly 1M athlete’s worldwide use Hookit to track their progression, promote themselves, build their personal brand, and earn deals from their favorite brands. The newly launched Hookit Score essentially measures the value of any athlete at any level. Updated daily scores range from 1-10,000, and are based on athletes’ commitment, performance and reach in their sport. Brand partners are provided with powerful tools to discover, manage and reward amateur and professional athletes who actively support their brand.