As you can see, we’ve been pretty busy here at Hookit HQ. Last year we launched our new name and today we launched Hookit 2.0… not just a redesigned site and new features, but a renewed focus on our mission to hook you up with your sport.

Every sport has its own culture and scene – and we’re here to support that.

The new site helps you to find local spots, post & log your sessions, post events, connect with other members and get deals from brands and local businesses…all around the sports you live and breathe.

This is just the beginning of a ton of huge updates to the site and other things we have had in the works for a looooong time…all things based on your feedback and how you use the site.

Have a look around or read on for more on what’s new and improved.

New Look, New Nav

We centered the new look and navigation around helping you get to the most important sections of the site as fast as possible – Spots, Events, Shops & Brands and Sponsorship. With our new nav design, now you can get a glimpse of what’s going on in each section just by rolling over – sign in and give it a try.

Spots & Sessions

You ride, skate, surf – it’s your life. We know – it’s ours too, so we developed a new Spots & Sessions feature for you to find local spots and post your sessions. Here’s how they work together:

Spots – Explore all the tracks, parks, mountains and breaks you go to and add your favorite spots to your Spot Map. Check out recent sessions from other members that go to your spots and the weather, real-time conditions, reviews, photos, videos from your spots.

Sessions – Log and track the times you ride, skate, snowboard, ski or wakeboard. Add photos & videos and share with friends. Track your time and conditions. Keep a record of where you’ve been. Ever wanted to see a map of everywhere you’ve been? Ever wanted to keep track of your progression? Add comments to your session to keep track of your progression. Ever wonder how much time you actually spend doin your thing? Now you can.

Event Calendar

We completely redesigned our events management tool. Now you can quickly create your event calendar and post your results on one page. Search is now 50 times faster and our list of events is growing – almost at 650,000 events. If you can’t find your event, it’s super easy to add one.

New Dashboard

The dashboard is one of the most important pages on the site. Your first stop once logged in to get a glimpse of everything that’s important to you. Now you get a quick look at all the stuff you care about – your profile stats, sponsorship & brand insider info, upcoming events, your spots & sessions and an all-new activity feed.

New Sport Hub

Every sport has it’s own scene – now the new Sport Hubs support that. Check ’em to see all the newest pics, vids, events, spots, opportunities and members activity.

Facebook Connect

We’re not Facebook – we focus on providing insane features made for you and your sports. Facebook is however a great promotional tool to share your sports with friends (and your parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents and whoever else you’re friends with on there). You can now sign in with your Facebook account and when you post sessions and other stuff to Hookit, your FB page gets updated automatically.

New Help & Support Center

Have a question? Our new Support Center has the answer and if it doesn’t, you can ask us or ask another member and you’ll get the answer ASAP.

New Homepage

It’s really blue. As a member, the homepage probably doesn’t matter much to you, but now we have a better way to show new visitors what we’re all about.

And that’s just the start… we’ll be pumping out upgrades and features all spring, summer and fall. Be on the look out for a New Photo/Video section, Improved Sponsorship section, Improved Profiles and more.

Got something to share with us about the new site? Post a comment or send us feedback to

– The Hookit Crew