With the Highest Social Interactions Among Fans

The NFL season always goes by too fast and October was no different, as its end marked the NFL regular season’s halfway point. Now, nearly 9 weeks into the season, there has been plenty of surprises and changes in the standings. Whether it’s been the 49ers’ hot start, Cam Newton’s season ending injury, or the emergence of new, young MVP candidates like Lamar Jackson or Christian McCaffrey, the season has been full of intrigue.

Staying on the Offensive

Again, sticking with what is now a pattern, this month saw offensive stars dominate social interaction. For October, 8 of the top 10 players were on the offensive side of the ball. Patriots stars Tom Brady and Julian Edelman again remained at the top for October, with Edelman surpassing his quarterback for the top spot. Edelman’s postgame posts always create some buzz, and invoke authentic personality and humor, which resonates with his audience. 

Christian McCaffrey snuck into the top 10 as well, coming in at #7 for October. McCaffrey’s on-field performance surely has something to do with it, as he has established himself as a fantasy football stud and MVP candidate early into the season. Plus, it helps to have great photo-ops like this post from October. 

Defensive Stand

This month, JJ Watt returned to the top 10, climbing 7 spots and landing at #3. JJ posted quite a bit in October, mainly focused on the city of Houston, and the Astros’ playoff run, as well as celebrating family birthdays. Watt’s social media engagement will be something to keep an eye on moving forward as he’s just unfortunately been placed on season-ending IR. 

Former Houston Texan, Tryann Mathieu also made his way into the top 10 this month, with the most posts of anyone in the top 10. “The Honey Badger” posted frequently about his college alumnus, LSU, as well as his preparation before games.

Wrap Up

With the NFL season now shifting into full gear, there’s been plenty of turbulence on and off the field. New players and teams have indeed emerged and have garnered much more attention and exposure with fans as a result. Again, we continue to see a strong correlation between the two. The games only get more important as the year goes on, and as always, we’ll be back next month to share our social insights, so stay tuned to see how the 2019 social season progresses!

Written by Tim Ferguson

Tim is a 2016 graduate of the University of Massachusetts, where he double majored in Sports Management and Economics.  He recently moved to San Diego and joined Hookit as an Account Executive. In his free time, Tim enjoys exploring California, water sports, and snowboarding. Originally from Boston, Tim is a lifelong New England sports fan and his greatest sports memory was the Malcolm Butler interception at the end of Super Bowl 49.