Athlete Spotlight: Jason Schroeder

Age: 19

Sport: Downhill Mountain biking

Hometown: San Diego, California

Current Location: Encinitas, California

When it comes to riding and competing, how has 2014 been so far for you?

So far 2014 has been really good! This is my first year racing in the Pro class which is exciting but definitely more challenging. I’ve been able to podium  at the first two local races of the year, which has helped build my confidence leading into the national events in a few months. Overall I’m just excited to be able to travel and race my bicycle this year at the highest level of my sport!

How different has it been to compete on a professional level after riding as an amateur for so many years?

Racing as a professional this year compared to an amateur the past 5 years is much more serious and has caused me to devote a lot more time to my training program this offseason, but this is the level of racing I always wanted to achieve so the pains now only bring gains at the races! I also feel less pressure going into this year because, being a first year pro, everything is a learning experience and there aren’t any high expectations set for me. I get to prove that I belong in the pro class and am competitive.

How did you initially get into riding?

I initially began riding mountain bikes when I used to visit Mammoth Mountain every summer and ride their bike park. A few summers spent there and a lot of time spent in the hills at home led me to finally trying racing in 2010, and every since then I’ve been addicted.

What do you like to ride when you’re off the track and not racing?

When I’m not off racing I love riding dirt jumps or skate parks, as well as getting lost in the hills on my trail bike. I tend to always be riding, but it can be much more enjoyable and less stressful back at home riding with friends then at a race.

What drives you the most to keep progressing in your riding?

My biggest drive to keep progressing my riding are fellow riders who I know are also putting in the effort to win races. I want to be confident going into races that I put in as much if not more work and effort than others to win so that I have no doubts. I’m also driven by goals I set for myself because it’s always nice to achieve something you set out to do.

What goals do you have for the next year?

My goals for 2014 are to race the nation ProGRT gravity series that take place across the US and finish in the top 5. I also plan to attend select World Cup events and want to finish in the top 50. Beyond racing I want to keep getting stronger, learn as a racer, travel more and make memories with friends.

Why do you think it’s important for brands to support younger up and coming riders such as yourself?

I believe it’s important for brands to support up and coming riders because those are the riders who fuel sports and have the potential to be the next big thing. If companies only supported the most elite riders, the pool of talented amateurs and young pros would diminish because it’s hard to survive without any support. It’s also good for the companies to show they support the next generation of racers and it allows them to have a presence at more local events.

Anyone who you would like to thank for helping you get to where you are today?

I want to thank my parents and family, Rich Houseman, Ben Clark, Colby Young, all of my friends and any company that has supported me over the years! For 2014 I really want to thank ODI, 100%, Gamut, Fox Shox, Novatec, Ryno Power, iMountainbike and of course Hookit. See ya at the races!

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