Surfers Tracked
New Fans
Fan Interactions

In October, Hookit tracked 54 surfers and their social media reach. Together they garnered 923k new fans and generated 13.4M fan interactions.

Coming in the lead for total fan interactions for the men was Gabriel Medina and for the women Alana Blanchard. Together they have almost 4M fans and created over 4.2M fan interactions.

On the rise this month, Miguel Pupo and Dimity Stoyle’s fan bases each grew 12%. Pupo gathering 229K new fans and Stoyle expanded her reach to an additional 9.8k fans.

The top tweet came from CNN International, mentioned Kelly Slater and reached 2.66M fans. Other top surfing tweets came from Red Bull, GoPro and Monster Energy. Each with a reach of over 1.7M.