Riders Tracked
New Fans
Fan Interactions
 In November, Hookit tracked 134 of the top motocross riders.
Together they gathered 547.7K new followers and generated 7.7M fan

Of those new fans, 55.1% came from Instagram, 40.4% from
Facebook and 4.5% from Twitter.

James Stewart edged out Ken Roczen for the top spot this month.
Stewart had 7/10 of the top Instagram posts of the month. His total fan base
rew by 44K fans and reached over 2.5M total. Together those fans generated 1.3M
total fan interactions.

Leading the 250 Class, Adam Cianciarulo generated 714K fan
interactions and his fan base grew by nearly 18K fans this month.

Heath Harrison’s fan base
grew at 11.7% this month giving him the highest growth for the 450cc. Jeremy
Martin grew 19.4% giving him the lead in fan growth for the 250cc.