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In January,
Hookit tracked 134 of the top motocross riders. Together they gathered 751.5K
new followers and generated 10.7M fan interactions. Of those new fans, 60.2%
came from Instagram, 26.6% from Facebook and 13.2% from Twitter.

the second month in a row Ken Roczen took the top spot generating over 2M
interactions from fans on social media. Over the month of January Roczen’s fan
base saw a growth of 9.3% bringing him to a total of 887K fans.

250 class was once again led by Adam Cianciarulo who generated 671K fan
interactions and his fan base grew by 30K fans.

the 450cc class the rider showing the largest growth for the month was Jason
Anderson with a total fan base growth of 17%. No surprise that in the 250cc
class Tyler Bowers showed a growth of 69.2% after receiving quite a bit of
media coverage in the start of this year’s season.