Name: J.R. Hobbs
Age: 19
Sport: BMX
Current Location: Tallahassee Florida

What have you been up to lately (events, races, edits, contests)?
Recently school has been taking up a lot of my time, but I’m still able to squeeze in a good two to three hour session every other day. I also have been filming a series of web edits that I’m pretty pumped on. I’m in the process of filming my newest addition “Tallanasty pt. 3.” And I’m getting ready for all the Florida skate park series stops.

How did you get into riding?
That’s a good question. I used to skateboard, then one day my good friend Jared said we should try bmx because my local park just started allowing bikes. When he told me this I was completely against it and thought bmx was dumb. He finally talked me into going and when I started riding I was immediately hooked and haven’t stopped since.

What drives you the most to keep progressing in your sport?
Really just riding with friends and pushing each other to try new stuff. Filming also helps motivate me to be innovative and try new things.

What do you think is your biggest accomplishment as an amature athlete so far?
Nothing major really, just placing well in competitions and putting out videos that I really liked.

What goals do you have for the next year?
My biggest goal for this upcoming year is to make it to most if not all the stops of the FL BMX Skatepark Series. I also plan on continuing the Tallanasty series and pushing my riding further. Aside form BMX, I also plan on doing well in my second semester of college and come out of school with at least a 3.6 GPA.

Why do you think it’s important for brands to support younger up and coming riders such as yourself?
I think it is important because it really helps motivate them to progress in their sport, and it helps get their name out there to other companies that may want to help them as well.

Anyone who you would like to thank for helping you get to where you are today?
I would definitely like to thank my parents for backing me up and supporting me. I also would like to thank all my friends that I have met from riding for encouraging me to try new things. Also a huge thank you to Jared Reiss for getting me into BMX in the first place. Also to Kyle, the owner of the former Streetone, for selling me my first BMX bike.