Name: Andy Kost
Age: 17
Sport: Motocross
Hometown: Caledonia, WI
Current Location: Georgia
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How long have you been riding for and what originally got you into riding and racing dirt bikes?
My dad got me into racing when I was 6. I wasn’t really into it because I was slow but once I won my first race I was hooked.

Looking back on your previous years racing, how will 2014 be different for you and what are your plans for this upcoming year?
I feel like 2014 is going to be the year everything comes together for me. I’ve had some trainers in previous years but this year I have a solid program and I’m more determined than ever. This year I’m going to race as many amateur nationals as I can make it too!

Is this the first year you have left home to ride and train for the winter? If so, what have you done in previous years to keep motivated throughout the cold winters?
Living in Wisconsin can be hard in the winter, the indoor tracks don’t always get the job done. The first time I came down south was to Texas and I stayed with the Bisceglias. That was awesome and Don and Matt helped me grow as a rider but he had to focus on his own stuff so I had to find another place. Last winter I stayed with Matt Walker at MotoXCompound as well. Throughout the summer I started training with Brad Jerominski at Club 57 and he has brought me to another level. I’ve also started with a new fitness trainer, Drew Whitehead, which I’ve never had the opportunity to have before.

What do you think is your biggest accomplishment as an amature athlete so far?
I think my biggest accomplishment at a race would be when I finished 5th overall at Loretta’s in the Supermini class against Cianciarulo, Webb, and Smith. Also being able to consistently compete with factory riders keeps me motivated to beat them. Winning my first championship at Baja in Schoolboy was really big for me because I beat Frye for the first time ever and we both were pushing each other.

Why do you think it’s important for brands to support younger up and coming riders such as yourself?
I think it’s great for the companies and for the athletes. There are so many families struggling to put in what it takes just to make it to the gate. Any support that they get is appreciated and it helps the companies grow through the word of mouth. Sometimes it may not even be much support that the rider needs to help them stay focused and push forward. There are so many fast riders that would be pumped to see a company show that they care about them.

What keeps you motivated the most for success on and off of your dirt bike?
I’m a really self motivated person which helps me stay focused. I think the main reason why I continue to chase my dream is because I love the sport of Motocross and I couldn’t imagine living a life where I couldn’t enjoy riding my dirt bike. Also there’s that drive to succeed deep inside every athlete. You have to wake up every morning ready to do everything you can do to get to where you want to be.

Any one you would like to thank for helping you get to where you are today?
Yes, I’d like to thank my Dad, my Mom, my brother Ryan, Lauren Hill, Eli Walters, all of my friends, Brad Jerominski and Club 57, Goldentyre, JT Racing, Scott Sports, A3 Bars, Roost MX, Hookit, Sandbox kings, EVS Sports, Josh Gray, FMF, Sidi, Bell Helmets, Monster Army, Yamaha, Works Connection, Risk Racing,, Protaper, JMS and Rock River Powersports.

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