Thanksgiving and football go hand-in-hand. There are three NFL matchups this year on Thanksgiving: Bears vs. Lions, Bills vs. Cowboys, and Saints vs. Falcons. The Cowboys have the most social interactions since the start of the season with 37M, and the Lions have the least with 5M. Ezekiel Elliott, with 5.6M interactions, has more than the top 3 players from the Falcons, Bears, Lions, and Bills combined. Elliott is one of the star players on one of the most recognizable franchises in the world, so this helps explain his immense social popularity.

The Saints, Bills, and Cowboys are still in the playoff hunt. The Bears are 5-6 and on the fringe, but with stiff competition in the NFC North, they look to be out. The Lions and Falcons are last in their respective divisions and look to be rebuilding for next season. The NFL teams that play in larger markets, like Chicago and Dallas, as well as the teams that are in contention, like New Orleans and Buffalo, seem to have slightly higher interactions than teams in smaller markets or with losing records. Regardless, playing on Thanksgiving is an opportunity for each of these teams and athletes to play in front of a larger-than-normal audience and boost their fan engagement and sponsorship impact.

See Which NFL Teams Playing on Thanksgiving Had the Most Social Interactions from Fans so Far This Football Season

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