2014 WCT Social Media Leaders: The Half Way Point

03/01/14 to 06/30/14

Hookit tracked 51 WCT Surfers
halfway through the 2014 competition season that generated over three
million new fans and 37.5 million fan interactions. Alana Blanchard
came up on top with 2,198,558 new fans (a 25.8% increase), and Kelly
Slated took the second spot with 326,660 new fans (a 16.6% increase).
Of the 3,198,198 new followers on social media of the 51 surfers
tracked, 71.4% came from Facebook. Alana Blanchard dominates the Top 10
Most Popular Photos on Instagram with every post being hers. In fact
of the 50 photos we tracked she swept 49 of the 50 with Kelly Slater
taking one. The top Tweet by WCT surfers was @gabrielmedinaaa, seen by
over eight million followers. Top growers are Biania Buitendag with
132,242 new fans in social media and Filipe Toledo with 97,516 new fans
in social media.