Programmatic Sponsorship

Your Sponsorships Have Evolved. Now it’s Time to Scale.

You’ve got sophisticated measurement in place. You know what properties and influencers to invest in and which to use to reach which audience. Programmatic sponsorship helps you do that at scale. You define the audience and your budget, the data identifies where to invest to match or exceed your desired exposure, engagement, and ROI. 

Why Use Hookit?

It works. Our brand clients saw a 3x average YOY improvement in sponsorship value.


Discover the Power of Hookit

Sponsorship is in our DNA. We offer you the most powerful platform to quantify and track the value and performance of sports sponsorships. Our social analytics and sponsorship experts look forward to walking you through Hookit to discuss your use cases and business needs.

Please fill out the form to be contacted by a member of our team to schedule an interactive demonstration of our innovative sponsorship analytics and valuation platform that will help your sponsorship portfolio evolve and grow shareholder value.

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“We are using the Hookit data to make smarter decisions about who to sponsor, what content to push, and when to push it in order to maximize the ROI of our sponsorship investments.”

Ryan Lauder, Director of Consumer Engagement, TaylorMade Golf Company

“Hookit has more than paid for itself, providing several key insights that have helped inform our Global Sports Marketing strategy.”

Ray Hilvert, VP Sports Marketing, New Balance

“Even if I had $1 million to spend, I would still have to make choices about where to put it. Having this type of data at this level really helps to make those decisions.”

Carrie Woodward, Global Partnerships Dir., Michelin

“Vans uses Hookit to capture the true value of how social works for each of our athletes and events. For the first time, Vans can measure and prove ROI on our events and athletes on social media.”

Bobby Gascon, Dir. Global Marketing / Action Sports, Vans

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