Hookit & KORE

The #1 data & intelligence platform powering partnerships & fan engagement for sports teams, brands, and organizations across the world. Experience all the tools needed to manage, measure, and optimize your partnership strategy in one spot.

Hookit, a KORE company empowers brands to improve the performance of sponsorships. Global brands are leveraging Hookit’s ai-powered sponsorship technology to impact their bottom line.

Together, we are redefining what's possble.

Two powerhouses are now one. KORE, now including social media analytics and measurement tools powered by Hookit. 

Unleash the full potential of your sports or entertainment business with the force of KORE Software and Hookit behind you. 

Our seamless integration of robust platforms and industry-leading solutions offers you unparalleled visibility and control over every aspect of your operations. 

Illuminate your sponsorship ROI, drive fan engagement, and optimize your marketing strategies. Decision-making is guided by real-time data and advanced analytics, allowing you to stay steps ahead of the competition. 

Smart Sponsorship

Solutions for Athletes & Influencers

Access deeper data + tools for improvement with Hookit’s Pro Account for Athletes & Influencers

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