Top 10 Tennis Players with the highest social interactions among fans

Tennis athletes spent endless hours preparing for July 1st, the day the Wimbledon Championships began. This two-week-long tournament is a highlight every year in the tennis world and, of course, this year was no different. The first fifth-set tiebreaker in a Wimbledon final occurred, and, for the first time, a Romanian won the singles title. The athletes competing were active on social media and the top three this month, unsurprisingly, all competed in Wimbledon.

Rafael Nadal Secures Spot #1

Rafael Nadal secured spot #1 this month with 5M interactions across 35 posts. About 4.3M of these interactions came from his Instagram posts, which were mainly taken in England at Wimbledon. One Instagram video of him practicing before the big tournament accumulated 1.4M interactions. It’s safe to say his Instagram is getting a lot of love.

The first two weeks of July were packed with exciting Wimbledon matches and Rafael Nadal made it all the way to the semifinals where he lost to Roger Federer. It seems as though this long-time rivalry has pushed both Federer and Nadal to play harder than ever before. The day after Nadal lost to Federer in the semis he posted an instagram with the caption, “Thanks! To all my fans. Well done @rogerfederer more to come…” This post acquired over 830K interactions. 

Rafael Nadal is now getting ready for the US Open and we are all hoping he will post often, as he did at Wimbledon, when it arrives. 

Novak Djokovic: One of the Greatest Finals in History

The Wimbledon champion jumped up four places since last month, now sitting in spot #2 with 1.9M interactions across 43 posts. On July 14th, Djokovic competed in the Wimbledon finals against Federer and the match went down as one of the greatest many have ever seen. Novak Djokovic took home the well-deserved win after a long 4 hour and 55-minute battle. 

After the win, Novak Djokovic posted a photo on Facebook of him holding up the trophy with a lengthy and heartwarming caption. This post received 113K likes and 3.7K comments. 

Since then, the tennis player posted a few photos of him and his wife traveling throughout Europe. It looks like a well-deserved trip for Novak Djokovic! 

Simona Halep Jumps 13 Spots to Secure Third Place… And Wins Wimbledon

Simona Halep posted 40 times in the month of July and acquired 1.3M interactions across those posts. She went from ranking #16 in June to #3 in July, jumping 13 spots. This increase in interactions was most likely due to her huge win at Wimbledon. 

Simona Halep faced Serena Williams in the Wimbledon 2019 finals and it was a day to remember for 27-year-old Halep. She took home the win and posted multiple photos following the victory. Her first Facebook post after the victory accumulated 185K likes and was captioned, “Today I played the greatest match of my life and became the Wimbledon champion!” Since then, she has posted many photos of her holding the trophy in Romania, her home country.

The Wrap Up

July was an eventful month for all tennis athletes. Major tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon create crucial opportunities for players to attract social media attention from fans and brand sponsors. Measuring social interactions allows brands to increase their overall brand value and even compare sponsored athletes. Analyzing the top-ranked tennis players by social media interactions not only allows brands to create valuable insights about current sponsored sports properties but also helps them decide which new partnerships can drive value.

Written by Katie Carroll

Katie is a third-year student at San Diego State University with an interest in marketing, sports, and events. As a content marketing intern at Hookit she creates engaging stories from data that are focused on digital and social media. Sports have always been a huge part of her life and living in sunny San Diego allows her to play, watch, and write about them! She also likes to go to the beach and travel to different parts of the world. Connect with her on LinkedIn.